We are excited to announce that Joe Jobin will be joining the Ontario Party, seeking election in provincial parliament representing Nipissing. A husband, father of four, grandfather of six, and an ordained pastor who also ran a successful cleaning business for 20 years, Joe Jobin brings a vast amount of varied but extremely valuable experience to his bid for election.
Joe is grateful for the opportunities for success that he has found in this province, but he is also very concerned that those who act in government authority now do so in complete disregard for the future of our children. He runs under the banner of the Ontario Party to stand up against this corruption and to restore freedom and prosperity for all in Ontario.
We are proud to have such an amazing candidate. He will make an incredible MPP with #TeamOntario!


Joe’s Media Releases

Ontario Party Leader Derek Sloan

Charter Mandate

We the Citizens of the Province of Ontario…

Acknowledging the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law; Affirming the Unity of the Dominion of Canada under the Crown;

Guided by a solemn desire to ensure the common good of the people of Ontario, present and future, while respecting the inherited wisdom and sacrifice of previous generations embodied in our culture and traditions;

Do hereby create the Ontario Party, to promote and provide compassionate and responsible government of the Province of Ontario in accordance with the following principles:

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Petition to Ban Doug Ford’s Digital ID System

To The Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS: Ontario is planning to introduce a comprehensive “Digital ID” program that will centralize every citizen’s personal, financial, business, medical and social information, and assign them an identification under this system.

WHEREAS: Central banks in Canada and around the world are already developing digital currencies to replace paper and coin money, and these digital currencies will be integrated into any “Digital ID” program.

WHEREAS: The dangers that this new program poses to upholding civil liberties and privacy rights, and the clear opportunities for abuse of governmental authority it presents in terms of surveillance and compelled behaviour, using access to basic resources as a tool of coercion, are ominous. They point toward progression to a dystopian communist Chinese-style “social credit” system.

WHEREAS: Some Canadian citizens have already experienced such coercion through seized property and frozen bank accounts in retaliation for their having supported the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest, those acts having been justified by provincial and federal governments under the imposition of the Emergencies Act and a declared ‘State of Emergency’ in Ontario.

THEREFORE, we the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

1. Insist that principles of data minimization, decentralization, consent, and limited access must be upheld in Ontario even as our world becomes increasingly digitized.

2. Demand that there be ZERO TOLERANCE for the implementation of any Digital ID program in Ontario, and that any government endeavour seeking to establish a system akin to the “social credit” system of communist China be condemned, halted and banned.